Essential Travel Tips for Parents to Avoid Typhoid During the Summer Season

As you eagerly plan your summer vacations with your children, it is crucial to prioritise health alongside itineraries. Travelling during the summer exposes you and your children to a variety of environments where typhoid fever is more common.

This bacterial infection mainly spreads through food and water that have been contaminated. The risks are higher in places where sanitation isn’t up to standard. So if you’re travelling to such areas, taking appropriate measures to protect yourself and your children becomes important.

Let’s talk about how you can protect your family from typhoid while travelling and the typhoid vaccination options available for your child.

Summer Travel and Typhoid Risk

If you’re excited about a summer getaway with your children, it’s important to understand and reduce the risks of travel illnesses like typhoid to stay healthy. Typhoid fever, caused by the bacteria Salmonella Typhi, mainly spreads through eating or drinking contaminated food and water.

This disease is particularly present in regions like South Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa, Central, and South America. So, if your travel plans include these destinations, it’s wise to take extra precautions to ensure your trip is safe and enjoyable.

What are the Symptoms of Typhoid in Children?

Typhoid fever can be particularly concerning in children, as they may not always clearly communicate their symptoms, and their bodies are generally more vulnerable to severe forms of illness. Typhoid in children typically shows up initially as a gradual increase in temperature.

However, as the illness progresses, several other typhoid symptoms in children may appear, including-

  1. A fever that escalates daily- The fever often starts low and increases in intensity each day, possibly reaching as high as 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius).
  2. Headaches- These can be quite severe and are often accompanied by other symptoms.
  3. General body aches and pains- Your child might complain of soreness throughout their body.
  4. Significant fatigue- Watch for unusual tiredness or lethargy.
  5. Occasionally, a dry cough- This symptom may not be present in every case but can occur.
  6. Constipation in early stages; potentially diarrhoea as the condition worsens- Digestive disruptions are common, and the pattern may shift as the disease develops.
  7. Loss of appetite, nausea, stomach pains, and possibly a rash- These signs can indicate the severity of the infection and the strain it’s placing on your child’s body.

5 Typhoid Prevention Tips for Summer

Heading into summer, many families are making plans to travel, sometimes to exotic locations that might expose them to health risks such as typhoid fever. Here are 5 essential typhoid prevention tips to keep in mind this summer-

  1. Vaccination- Ensuring your family is vaccinated against typhoid is the first step towards preventing typhoid. Discuss with our team of professionals before travelling which vaccine is suitable for your family.
  2. Safe Eating- Opt for fully cooked hot foods and avoid street food where possible. Raw vegetables, fruits that cannot be peeled, and uncooked foods carry higher risks.
  3. Drink Safely- Consume only bottled or boiled water. Avoid ice in drinks as it may have been made from contaminated water.
  4. Personal Hygiene- Regular hand washing with soap, especially before eating and after using the bathroom, is essential.
  5. Educate Your Children- Teach children the importance of avoiding tap water and unsafe foods, and the necessity of cleanliness while eating and drinking.

What is the Recommended Vaccine for Typhoid?

When planning travel to areas where typhoid fever is common, getting vaccinated is a key step in ensuring your and your child’s health and safety. There are several vaccine options available, each designed to protect against typhoid in different ways.

Depending on age, health status, and specific travel needs, you can choose the vaccine that best suits you and your child-

  1. Vi vaccine- A single injection suitable from the age of 2 years.
  2. Ty21a vaccine- Consists of 3 capsules taken on alternate days, not recommended for children under 5 or those with weakened immune systems.
  3. Combined typhoid and hepatitis A vaccine- Available for people 15 and older, offering dual protection.

Vi vaccine, the typhoid vaccine for children encourages their body to produce antibodies, which fight off the typhoid bacteria if exposed.

Get Typhoid Vaccine in Epsom with Miles Pharmacy

Getting vaccinated early and being careful about what you and your family eat and drink can lower the risk of typhoid.

Keep your children safe from typhoid this summer, book an appointment with Miles Pharmacy.