Preventing Typhoid in the Summer: Tips for a Healthy Season

People pack their bags in summer to explore new destinations and make enjoyable memories. And what other exciting way would there be to release the stress of the whole year?

However, one should always remember the health risks traveling can bring. Depending on your destination, you might need certain vaccines. Majorly in developing countries, there is a higher risk of typhoid fever.

Remember that prevention is a much better option than getting treatment for the disease. Below are a few tips we have provided to help you make a safe trip this summer:


The typhoid vaccine is the most effective way to prevent typhoid. About four to six weeks before traveling, you can visit our travel clinic and we can guide you about the vaccines required for a particular destination. Different vaccines provide various protection duration; discussing the plan with the expert is essential.

Maintain Good Hygiene

Following good hygiene can help you avoid typhoid fever. Accommodations with clean washrooms and proper cleaning are essential. Carry hand sanitizer and mosquito repellents with you to prevent vector-borne diseases. You should also avoid touching your face, especially your mouth, nose, or eyes,

Safe Eating and Drinking

The primary source of typhoid infection is contaminated food and drinks. It is essential to practice safe eating and drinking during travel. Avoid tap water or ice cubes; only drink bottled or boiled water. Moreover, always wash your hands before consuming food. Street or vendor food can cause a significant threat, so avoid eating unclean food.


Symptoms of Typhoid

Contaminated water and food with fecal matter or close contact with an infected person can cause typhoid infection. Having a high fever is the most common symptom of typhoid. Other symptoms include headache, muscle ache, dry cough, weakness, decreased appetite, and weight loss.

Visit Your Local Health Care Clinic

Be sure to visit your local travel health clinic like ours to get the vaccination or search for a typhoid vaccine near me. Most travel vaccines need four to six weeks to be fully effective, so visiting a travel clinic before that time is essential.

If you are planning to travel internationally this holiday season, you must visit Miles Pharmacy where our experienced pharmacy staff can guide you on all the aspects of travel risks for a particular destination.

We will also prescribe you the necessary vaccination you need to take along with health tips to safeguard your health. Click here to schedule an appointment with our travel clinic.