Does A Typhoid Vaccine Last Long

If you are an avid international traveler for work or play who regularly visits countries where yellow fever is still prevalent – like Africa and South America – you have probably already received the yellow fever vaccine. However, this particular vaccine does not last very long, and boosters are needed to maintain full protection. If you are unsure how long the yellow fever vaccination lasts, we will answer that for you here. Keep reading to learn more.

What Is Typhoid?

Typhoid fever is transmitted by drinking or eating contaminated food or water with the Salmonella enterica serotype Typhi bacteria. Although rare in most countries, there are still active cases in countries in Africa and South America. The best way to protect yourself before visiting these countries is to get the typhoid vaccination.

Symptoms of Typhoid

If you’ve been exposed to typhoid bacteria, symptoms typically start to appear 3-4 weeks later. Typhoid fever is treated with antibiotics which kill the Salmonella bacteria in just a few days.

Symptoms include:

•           Poor appetite

•           Headaches

•           Generalised aches and pains

•           High fever (up to104 Fahrenheit)

•           Lethargy

•           Diarrhoea


When getting the typhoid vaccination, you will have the option to choose between two vaccines – oral tablets or an injection. The risk of either typhoid vaccine in the UK causing serious side effects is rare.

Oral Tablet Yellow Fever Vaccine

The Typhoid Vaccine Live Oral Ty21a (aka ‘typhoid pills’) is made from attenuated live bacteria. It is taken orally and has four separate doses. The oral tablets vaccination provides protection against yellow fever for up to five years.

Yellow Fever Injection

The Typhoid Vaccine injection is made from inactive bacteria and provides protection for up to two years.

How Long Does Typhoid Vaccine Last?

The length of protection from the typhoid vaccine depends on the type of immunisation you get. Yellow fever vaccine injections provide two years of protection while oral typhoid vaccine tablets provide five years of protection. Be sure to speak with a travel health specialist about which vaccination is the best choice for you.

Do I Need a Typhoid Vaccine Booster?

Since both the injection and oral vaccinations do not provide lifetime protection, a booster dose is required after your original vaccine expires. You will only need the booster if you will be visiting high-risk countries.

Typhoid Vaccine Near Me

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