Most Common Myths and Facts About Ear Wax Removal

There’s plenty of confusion when it comes to the topic of ear health and the role of ear wax (which cleans our ears safely and naturally). Most people don’t understand the purpose of ear wax or how to remove it safely.

There are plenty of ear wax removal methods that people use, but are they safe? Your ear wax removal routine is too important to your health to be guided by faulty information.

Here are the most common myths and facts about earwax removal.

Myth: Having Wax Means Your Ears Are Dirty

Fact: Let’s get one thing straight – ear wax is your friend! Having ear wax does not mean your ears are dirty. On the contrary, the yellowish-brown substance actually cleans and protects your ears. It captures dead skin cells, bacteria, hair, dust, and other airborne particles in the inner canal and then expels them naturally. Ear wax will fall out on its own when it’s ready, thus removing harmful substances.

Myth: You Should Remove Ear Wax Daily

Fact: You can take cleaning your ears off your daily routine because ears clean themselves naturally with ear wax. For daily upkeep of ear health, all you need to do is clean your outer ears with soap while in the shower to remove dirt and oil.

Myth: Cotton Swabs Are the Best Way to Remove Ear Wax at Home

Fact: In general, it’s not safe to put anything in your ear to remove ear wax. This includes cotton swabs. Not only do they push ear wax deeper into the ear canal which can cause an ear wax blockage, but they can also damage or puncture the ear drum.

The safest home remedy is to buy an ear irrigation Ear Wax Removal Kit from your nearest pharmacy or online. Ear irrigation involves gently flushing out excess ear wax with an ear wax remover solution of saline water.

Myth: You Don’t Need Your Ears Cleaned by A Professional

Fact: If you are experiencing symptoms such as hearing loss, earache, tinnitus, dizziness, or itchy inner ears – you may have an ear wax blockage and should see an ear specialist to get it removed. Microsuction ear wax removal and ear irrigation (ear syringing) are the most common and safest methods.

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