Choosing the Right Ear Syringing Method for You

Are you having trouble hearing what people are saying?

And are you constantly getting earaches or feeling dizzy?

This could be a sign that your ear canals are blocked by a build-up of ear wax.

The safest way to remove ear wax blockage is to have it done by a professional healthcare provider at a nearby clinic or at Miles Pharmacy in South London. Ear syringing (aka ear irrigation) is a safe and simple procedure that can fix the problem of ear wax blockage quickly and safely.

If you are considering removing earwax at home, avoid inserting any objects into your ear canal, as this can push the wax in further and may cause more problems. Instead, schedule an appointment for ear syringing at Miles Pharmacy.

How Does Ear Syringing Work?

Ear syringing uses just the right amount of water to remove wax, without risking damage to the ear. The procedure only takes a few minutes to complete, and while it can feel a bit strange to get ear syringed, you shouldn’t experience any pain.

The process goes as follows:

·         Your doctor will examine your ear canal to check for infection and confirm the need for ear wax removal.

·         A few days prior to your appointment you will start using an ear wax softener so it can be flushed out easier.

·         During the procedure, they will use a syringe-like tool to gently spray streams of saline water at different angles against the inner ear canal wall to avoid causing damage to the eardrum. The idea is to pump the water ‘behind’ the ear wax to flush it out.

Choices for Ear Syringing

If you don’t want to go to a clinic for ear wax removal, ear syringing is the safest way to remove ear wax at home. Ear syringing kits can be bought over the counter in places such as Miles Pharmacy or online. The kits allow you to safely remove ear wax build-up from the convenience of your home. Home kits contain a bulb-shaped ear syringe and a saline water solution to spray into your ear to remove wax.

Schedule an appointment at Miles Pharmacy for ear wax removal services and you’ll be hearing better in no time.