How to unblock ears full of wax with ear syringing?

Itchy inner ears, muffled hearing, earaches, and vertigo – these can all be signs of ear wax buildup causing a blockage in your inner ear. Ear wax blockage, who even knew this was a thing? And it’s surprising how common this is primarily for people who use earbuds regularly, wear hearing aids, or use earplugs for swimming or to block out noise.

These items tend to push ear wax further into the ear canal and the ear wax builds up instead of falling out naturally. This goes for cotton swabs (Q-tips) too, using these can actually do more harm than good because they also push wax further into the ear canal and they can also damage the eardrum if inserted too far inside.

The most reliable and safest methods to remove ear wax blockage include ear syringing, micro-suction, and endoscopy. The procedures are done at a doctor’s office and only take about 15 minutes to have you hearing perfectly and feeling better.

Ear syringing is a popular choice for many people and in this article, we’ll explain why.

Ear Syringing

Ear syringing can remove earwax buildup quickly and painlessly. It can also flush out other foreign objects that may be in the ear canal such as pieces of cotton buds, sand, dirt, or hair.

During the procedure, warm saline water is gently sprayed into the ear canal to lubricate the excess wax and encourage dislodging. As the stream of water enters the ear canal, all ear wax build-up will be gently rinsed out of the ear. The procedure typically takes around 15-30 minutes to perform.

Our trained specialists at Miles Pharmacy Earwax Removal Clinic in Stoneleigh will walk you through the procedure before starting and ensure that all wax is removed in one visit.

Symptoms of Earwax Build-Up

·         hearing loss

·         earache

·         blocked ear

·         ringing or buzzing in your ears

·         vertigo

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The safest way to remove ear wax buildup is to visit an ear specialist at an Earwax Removal Clinic. Don’t let ear wax troubles plague you, come into Miles Pharmacy for private ear syringing services.

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