Flu Vaccine Fact Checker

When it comes to vaccinations, the flu vaccination included, people have strong opinions. Some of these opinions are based on misconceptions about the safety of the flu jab. The flu jab is scientifically proven to be safe and very effective in preventing the flu, reducing symptoms if you do get the flu, and stopping the spread of the illness.

You can refer to this article as your flu vaccine fact checker, read this to learn what’s myth and what’s fact.

Myths and Facts About the Flu Vaccination

Here are some of the most common myths and facts about the flu vaccination.

Myth 1: I Don’t Need It

Fact: The flu kills up to 25,000 people every year in the UK. Healthy people and people with weakened immune systems can get the flu. Most people fully recover within a week or two, but sometimes people can develop complications including infections, heart or brain inflammation, or pneumonia.

Myth 2: I Will Get the Flu If I Get the Flu Vaccine

Fact: The flu vaccine contains an inactivated influenza virus; therefore, it cannot give you flu. However, it is common to feel a bit achy or feverish after getting the flu jab, but this should pass in a day or two.

Myth 3: The Flu Jab Causes Severe Side Effects

Fact: The flu jab has been scientifically proven to be safe in most people. For certain people with medical conditions or allergies, it is not recommended. You should check with your GP. The cases of severe side effects caused by the flu jab are very rare.

Myth 4: I Got the Vaccine and Still Got the Flu, So It Doesn’t Work

Fact: Since the vaccine is specific to one strain, people may still get the flu from a different flu strain despite being vaccinated. However, being vaccinated does significantly reduce your risk of getting the flu and it also stops the spread of this illness to others.

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Most Common Flu Vaccination Benefits

There are many flu vaccination benefits, including:

·         Prevents the flu.

·         Prevents severe symptoms and complications from the flu.

·         Reduces your sick days.

      It’s safe and effective.

·         The flu jab is updated annually.

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