Why Everyone Needs a Flu Shot

The flu can cause a world of misery, from fever and sore throat to cough, nasal congestion, aches, and chills. But the good news is that you don’t have to suffer through the flu this season. The best way to reduce your risk of getting the flu is to get an annual flu vaccine shot. At Miles Pharmacy in South London, we provide the most up-to-date Flu Shot Vaccination for patients of all ages.

The benefits of getting the flu vaccine far outweigh the consequences of getting the seasonal flu. Drop in anytime at Miles Pharmacy for the Flu Shot at any of our South London branches, no appointment is necessary.

Everyone can benefit from getting the flu shot, here’s why……

What is the flu?

The flu is a highly contagious respiratory infection caused by the influenza virus. Symptoms can range from mild to severe and may include:

·         Fever or chills

·         Headaches and muscle aches

·         Runny or stuffy nose

·         Coughing

·         Tiredness

·         Sore throat

·         Severe respiratory complications in some patients

Flu infection is especially dangerous for those at high risk for complications, including young children, seniors, and those with chronic health conditions or a weakened immune system.

Benefits of the flu vaccine

The main benefit of getting the flu jab is to prevent yourself from being infected with the flu and also to decrease the spread of the disease. If you have the flu virus, it can take a few days before you start to experience symptoms. During that time, you risk spreading the infection to others, including loved ones or people at high risk for complications that can be life-threatening.

Annual flu vaccines offer significant benefits to those at risk for flu complications such as COPD, heart disease, and asthma since they are more likely to become seriously ill, which could result in hospitalization or even death.

At Miles Pharmacy, we offer the most up-to-date flu shots as well as other routine and travel vaccines you might need to prevent disease and illness. Everyone needs to get the flu shot before flu season starts for it to be most effective. Drop in for your seasonal flu shot today!