How Does the Influenza Vaccine Work in the Body? 

If you’ve ever wondered how a flu vaccine works, it may surprise you to find out how it works. And since our communities will continue to battle the flu and COVID-19 at the same time in the near future, it’s more important than ever to get your flu shot this year.

In this blog, we will explain more about the flu vaccine and how it works to prevent the flu and keep you healthy.

What’s in a flu vaccine?

Though the flu vaccine contains the same germs that cause the illness, the germs have either been made much weaker or killed. Most vaccines, like the flu vaccine, only have a small amount of the germ. For this reason, the virus particles in the vaccination won’t make you sick with the flu.

How does the flu vaccine protect you from the flu?

The Influenza Vaccine mimics your own immune system. When the flu vaccine is injected into your system, it makes your body produce proteins that tell your immune system to attack the virus. These antibodies are what your body would make if you were naturally exposed to the flu.

The seasonal influenza vaccination keeps you from getting the flu. After two weeks your body starts to produce the antibodies you need to protect you from the flu.

The flu virus changes slightly every flu season, so the flu shot gets updated each year with new formulas to help you fight off new strains of the virus. Flu vaccines typically have three to four different strains that will be active that season.

Is the flu vaccine safe?

There are many myths about how the flu vaccine works. One of the most prevalent myths about the flu vaccination is that you will get the flu when you get the shot. This is not true; the flu shot can’t cause the flu because the germs are either already weakened or dead in the vaccine. You may experience a few minor side effects that only last a day or two such as pain at the injection site or a slight headache.

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