The Importance of Pre-Booking Your Workplace Flu Vaccinations

The simplest way to prevent the spread of the flu virus in the workplace is to provide your staff with on-site flu vaccinations. Workplace flu jabs make good business sense for any company as contact with the flu is almost unavoidable and thousands upon thousands of days are lost every year due to employee illness from the seasonal flu. This has a huge impact on productivity and staff morale.

By protecting your workforce against the flu, you can maintain a healthy working environment and a more efficient workforce. Workplace flu vaccination in the UK is very effective at preventing future flu outbreaks amongst your staff. Keep reading to learn more.

Why Pre-Booking Workplace Flu Vaccinations Are Important

When arranging seasonal flu vaccinations for your employees, plan ahead. The importance of pre-booking your workplace vaccinations is essential if you want flu vaccinations to be available for everyone. Manufacturers only produce a certain amount each year, and supplies can sometimes run out. To ensure you are fully prepared, pre-book the services and supplies early.

Why Should You Get the Flu Vaccination?    

Every autumn, adults and children in the UK are encouraged by the NHS to get the flu vaccination. The flu continues to be a serious health risk – especially for people with weakened immune systems. But the truth is, anyone can get it, even the healthiest person can get the flu if they are exposed to it and haven’t been vaccinated.

If you haven’t been vaccinated, you also contribute to spreading it to others. In most cases the flu is not life-threatening, it mostly just prevents people from going to work or school. The easiest way to prevent the flu is by getting the flu vaccination.

The Flu Vaccination Benefits

The primary flu vaccination benefits are:

·         The flu jab dramatically reduces your risk of getting the flu after exposure.

·         The flu vaccine has been proven to reduce the severity of the illness in vaccinated people who still get sick.

·         The flu vaccination reduces the risk of flu-associated complications which can result in hospitalisation.

Where Can I Get the Flu Vaccination in The UK?

If your employer does not offer the flu shot, appointments for the flu vaccination in the UK are available through the NHS. The flu vaccination is available through your healthcare provider as well as your local pharmacy. If you live in South London, make your flu vaccination booking at Miles Pharmacy.