Flu Vaccination for Travel: Miles Pharmacy Tips for Jetsetters

If you are lucky enough to be jetting around the globe, don’t make the mistake of traveling without protection from illnesses and diseases that are common in many underdeveloped countries. When most people think of travel vaccinations, the flu vaccination for travel doesn’t usually come to mind. However, just like in the United Kingdom, the flu is highly contagious and is quite common in countries all over the world.

If you are travelling to a high-risk country during its flu season you will be at risk of getting the flu just like the local residents. Your risk of catching the flu will also increase if you are in crowded places such as pilgrimages, festivals, cruises, or traveling through airports and other busy travel hubs.

The best way to protect yourself is by making an appointment at your local Miles Pharmacy Travel Clinic to get the flu vaccination for travel. We provide flu vaccination services in Epsom in addition to other important travel vaccinations.

How Effective Is the Flu Vaccination for Travel?

The flu (influenza) is the most common vaccine-preventable disease. If traveling by airplane, taking a cruise, or attending a mass gathering where there are a lot of people together in close proximity – your risk for exposure to the flu increases significantly.

The flu vaccine is highly preventable, and it also reduces the risk of serious complications associated with flu. Even if you happen to get the flu after being vaccinated, symptoms are less severe. There is no doubt that the flu vaccine’s effectiveness can greatly reduce your chances of getting the flu – at home or abroad.

How Long Does the Flu Vaccine Last?

Each year new strains of the influenza virus develop which is why you need to get a new flu jab every year. The flu vaccine is modified every year by pharmaceutical companies so that it can continue to provide maximum protection against the new strains.

Flu Vaccination Service in Epsom at Miles Pharmacy

Booking a flu vaccination for travel is easy with Miles Pharmacy. Simply visit us online and choose a location, date, and time that fits into your schedule. If you’ll be travelling abroad, make sure to get your flu vaccination for travel at least two weeks before you leave to give it time to build up the protection you need.