Common FAQs About Day 2 & 8 Testing for International Travel

The Day 2 and Day 8 Covid test is mandatory for all international travellers arriving from non-red listed countries who are either not vaccinated, partially vaccinated, or vaccinated by a medication not approved by the UK.

However, if you’re already fully vaccinated by an approved medication, then it’s not required for you to quarantine or take a Day 2 or Day 8 PCR test when you arrive in the UK. Everyone else is required to buy a Day 2 and Day 8 Covid test, to be done after arriving in the UK.

We understand that COVID-19 rules can be confusing, so here are some common FAQs about Day 2 & 8 testing for international travellers entering the UK.

Day 2 and Day 8 PCR Tests – What are They?

Currently, all international inbound non-vaccinated travellers to the UK are required to do Day 2 & 8 Testing for COVID-19. The Day 2 and 8 tests are self-administered with detailed instructions included as part of the testing kit.

Day 2 and Day 8 PCR Tests – How Does it Work?

Foreign visitors travelling to the UK who are not fully vaccinated for the Coronavirus must do the following:

·         Buy the Day 2 and 8 Day Covid test in the UK test package which can be purchased online from participating healthcare providers such as Miles Pharmacy in London prior to your departure.

·        Prior to taking your swab test provided in the test kit, you must activate and register your test kit online at the designated website.

·         No need to quarantine, but you must take your test on Days 2 and 8 after arriving in the UK.

·        Collect your swab sample as instructed. To ensure proper lab processing, enter the time and date that the swab was taken online at the same place where you registered your kit.

·        Package your sample as instructed and send the sample using the Royal Mail label that is provided.

·         Once it is received by the laboratory, your sample will be analysed and the results will be sent to you via email within 24 hours.

Book Your Compulsory Day 2 & Day 8 COVID-19 at Miles Pharmacy

You can purchase Day 2 and Day 8 COVID-19 tests online from Miles Pharmacy as well as visit any of our branches in person throughout the greater London area. For the cheapest Day 2 and 8 Covid test in the UK, visit us today or schedule an appointment.