Where To Get a Last-Minute Urgent RT-PCR Covid Test in the UK?

Summer camp is the perfect opportunity for kids to have fun doing activities outdoors, make new friends, and learn new skills. These past few years with the pandemic have been tough and, unfortunately, kids have really missed out on experiencing the fun of summer camp.

We have now been given the green light to resume normal activities with the condition that we do it safely to prevent Covid-19 cases from rising.

If you are searching for a summer camp where your child can have outdoor adventures and reconnect with nature but are worried since Covid-19 cases continue to spread – there are certain things you can look for in a summer camp to ensure that your child will be safe.

Studies show that camps with proper safety measures in place can greatly limit the spread of COVID-19 infections. With camp administrators stepping up to meet COVID-19 safety requirements, you can be sure that your kids can enjoy a great summer at camp and stay safe from Covid.

What to Look for In a Summer Camp During COVID-19

  • Vaccinations should be required for both campers and staff. If all are vaccinated, then safety measures like physical distancing and mask-wearing indoors are not required. For those that are unvaccinated, there should be special circumstances.
  • Physical distancing should be used when possible
  • Divide children into smaller groups for activities
  • Wear masks indoors
  • Strictly follow hygiene requirements such as hand washing, cleaning, and disinfecting as part of the daily routine

These are just a few of the key safety measures that you should confirm before sending your child to summer camp. Other considerations might be, are there extra requirements for sports camps or how lunch will be distributed, how will campers and staff be monitored for sickness, etc.

Before choosing a camp, talk with your paediatrician to make sure your child is up-to-date on vaccines including the Covid-19 vaccine. It’s not as easy as it used to be to choose a summer camp during these days of Covid-19. Many camps may require a PCR test before starting camp as well as to guarantee everyone at camp starts off healthy.

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