Why Having Travel Vaccinations is Important

It is estimated that over 1 million people travel internationally each day (pre-pandemic and hopefully post-pandemic). Travelers visit modern and westernized countries where serious diseases are rare because the majority of the population has been vaccinated for serious diseases.  

However, other more adventurous travelers choose to explore more exotic third-world countries such as Asia, Africa, and Central America, just to name a few. These countries are at high risk for Yellow Fever, Malaria, Hepatitis A, Cholera, and others.  

For this reason, it is important to get vaccinated before travel. Not only do these vaccines keep you safe during and after your travels, but it also ensures global public health. In light of the new Coronavirus, most countries are also requiring visitors to have the Covid-19 vaccine, a Fit-to-Fly Certificate, and a negative PCR test prior to entering the country. 

You can receive Covid-19 tests and travel vaccines in the UK from your GP, local pharmacy, and travel clinics specializing in travel vaccines and medication.  

Miles Pharmacy Travel Clinic has over 15 pharmacy branches in South London. You can get your Covid Test in Epsom, Banstead, Sutton, Stoneleigh, Cheam, Chessington, Epsom, and Worcester Park just to name a few.  

  Miles Pharmacy provides vaccines for basic and travel-related reasons, including: 

  • Covid-19  

 Travel medicine and advice are also available for these conditions: 

  • Traveler’s Diarrhoea 
  • Malaria 
  • Dengue Fever 
  • Motion Sickness 

 Can I take a PCR Test After Vaccination? 

Yes, you can take the PCR Covid test after the vaccine has been given to you and you can also take the Rapid Antigen Test after the vaccine has been administered. The COVID-19 vaccination will not affect the results of a PCR test.   

  Travel vaccination questions? Get answers from our expert travel healthcare specialists today at any of our Miles Pharmacy branch locations throughout the UK in Banstead, Sutton, Stoneleigh, Cheam, Chessington, Epsom, and Worcester Park. 

Need a Fit-to-Fly Certificate for your upcoming holiday? Visit our travel clinic for the Covid Fit to Fly Certificate in Epsom.