What You Need to Know About the HPV Vaccine?

Most cervical cancer cases in women are caused by HPV (human papillomavirus), a sexually transmitted disease. It was the cause of death for more than 800 women in the UK from 2020 to 2022. There is no specific treatment available for HPV, so prevention via the HPV vaccine is the best way to go.

According to Cancer Research UK, cervical cancer in women can be prevented in as many as 99.8% of the cases when issued the HPV Vaccine.

HPV vaccine immunization for both women and men could significantly reduce the impact of cervical cancer and other cancers caused by HPV in the UK.

This article offers some useful information on everything you need to know about the HPV vaccine, who needs it, and how it works.

What Is HPV?

HPV is transmitted via sexual contact, and there are about 40 different strains of HPV – some of which can be very serious and life-threatening. The majority of people don’t know they have HPV because it can be symptomless. In general, the only way to determine if you have HPV is to get a test at your local healthcare provider or pharmacy.

Many people infected with HPV get genital warts, cervical cancer (in women), and other forms of cancer.

HPV is completely preventable with the HPV Vaccination. We offer HPV Vaccine Services to all our Miles Pharmacy pharmacies in South London.

Who Should Get the HPV Vaccine?

In the UK, the recommended HPV vaccine age for both males and females is 12 to 13 years old. This is the age when young adults are offered the first HPV vaccine dose and they receive the second vaccine injection after six to 24 months.

Who Should Not Get the HPV Vaccine?

Women who are pregnant or ill should not get the HPV vaccine. Tell your healthcare provider if you have any severe allergies, including an allergy to latex or yeast.

HPV Vaccination Side Effects

In most cases, the side effects of the HPV Vaccine are usually mild. The most common side effects include:

·         Soreness, swelling, or redness at the injection site.

·         Dizziness or fainting occurs after the injection. Remaining seated for 15 minutes after Headaches

·         Nausea and vomiting

·         Fatigue or weakness

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