What is Phlebotomy, and Why Might You Need It? Miles Pharmacy Explains

We all get sick at some point in our lives, this is normal. One of the most effective and common ways to diagnose illness is through blood tests. The method of drawing blood is known as a phlebotomy treatment.

Phlebotomy is commonly used for diagnostic purposes, allowing healthcare providers to analyse blood samples for information about a person’s health, including checking for conditions like diabetes, cholesterol levels, and more. Phlebotomy treatments can be used to detect everything from vitamin deficiencies to blood sugar levels, as well as thyroid problems, and even cancer.

At Miles Pharmacy, we offer phlebotomy services in Chessington as well as Stoneleigh and Epsom. Our skilled and compassionate phlebotomists will ensure that your experience is as pain-free and stress-free as possible.

To learn more about what a phlebotomy treatment is and why you might need one at some point in your life, keep reading.

What Is a Phlebotomy Treatment?

A phlebotomy treatment is when a trained medical professional (a phlebotomist) uses a needle to draw blood from a vein, usually in your arm. This is also called venipuncture. After blood has been drawn, it is sent to a laboratory for testing. As part of our phlebotomy services in Stoneleigh, Chessington, and Epsom we provide reliable and quick results so you’re not waiting and worrying for a long period of time.

Why Would I Need a Phlebotomy Treatment?

Phlebotomy treatments help healthcare professionals to diagnose and treat medical issues. The blood test results are used for analysing the patient’s blood for signs of infection or disease. Phlebotomy treatments can also be used to collect either donor or patient’s blood for various purposes, such as the administration of transfusions and donating blood to those in need.

Blood Tests Available at Miles Pharmacy

Our blood testing programme at Miles Pharmacy includes screenings for kidney function, cholesterol, liver function, vitamin levels, diabetes, thyroid, and a full range of other general and specific health tests.

Additional blood tests available include:

·         Complete Blood Count (CBC) Test

·         Prostate Profile

·         Female Hormone Profile

·         Male Hormone Profile

·         Erectile Dysfunction Profile

·         Tiredness And Fatigue Blood Profile

·         Well Woman Blood Profile

Miles Pharmacy Phlebotomy Services in Epsom, Chessington, and Stoneleigh

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