Travel Clinic vs. Regular Clinic: What’s the Difference?

Travelling abroad can be a wonderfully exciting adventure by being able to experience new cuisines and cultures as well as visit amazing new sites for the first time. However, if you aren’t prepared you can get sick, making travel a miserable ordeal. This is particularly true if you’ll be visiting developing countries such as India, Africa, or South America where sanitation standards might be lower than in the UK.

To avoid spending your entire trip in a hotel bathroom, or worse, a hospital, be sure to make an appointment with a travel medicine specialist at your local Miles Pharmacy Travel Health clinic in London before jetting off on your next adventure.

What Is a Travel Clinic and How Is It Different from a Regular Clinic?

Unlike travel health specialists, your personal GP probably isn’t an expert when it comes to international infectious diseases or up-to-date on current disease outbreaks in different parts of the world.

Travel clinics, on the other hand, have a team of travel health specialists that can consult with you about the risks at your destination and how you can prepare ahead of time to prevent illness while travelling. Their goal is to provide you with information, vaccines, medication, and advice so you can remain healthy before, during, and after your adventures.

5 Ways a Travel Clinic Can Improve Your Trip

Travel safely and take full advantage of the benefits of visiting a travel vaccine clinic for a pre-travel health consultation.

Here are the key benefits of visiting a travel clinic:

•           Providing recommendations for vaccines.

•           Prescribing preventative medications.

•           Giving advice about pre-existing conditions.

•           Educating you about food and water safety.

•           Help you make a packing list.

Travel Vaccinations Offered at Miles Pharmacy                   

·         Yellow fever vaccine

·         Diphtheria Tetanus/Polio vaccine.

·         Hepatitis a/b travel vaccine.         

·         Typhoid Vaccine.

·         Rabies vaccine.

·         Cholera vaccine.

·         Meningitis ACWY vaccine.

·         Tick Borne vaccine.

·         Japanese Encephalitis vaccine.

·         Covid-19 vaccine.

Stay Safe on Your Next Adventure

Visiting a travel clinic like Miles Pharmacy will ensure that you stay as healthy as possible while travelling. We are a full-service travel clinic with numerous branches across London that work with you to ensure everyone on your trip stays healthy.

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