The Phlebotomist’s Guide to A Less Painful Blood Draw

The role of a phlebotomist is an important one. Not only do you need to pay attention to their physical pain, but also their emotional well-being. A person getting blood drawn may be experiencing fear and anxiety if they don’t like getting injected with needles or if they have hemophobia (intense and irrational fear of blood).

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Check out this useful Phlebotomist’s Guide to A Less Painful Blood Draw. We hope you find it useful!

Tips on How to Make Drawing Blood Less Painful

The Tourniquet

When placing the tourniquet on your patient’s arm, don’t make it too tight and cause discomfort for the patient. Take off the tourniquet once you get a blood sample.

Finding a Vein

Use your more sensitive fingers to detect a good vein. Do not attempt to draw blood from a vein that you cannot feel to avoid having to find a new one.

Where to Draw and What to Use

Typically, when you draw blood from the median cubital vein, it’s less painful than drawing from a hand vein. If the vein you want to draw from is small, use a butterfly needle and syringe instead of the vacutainer system.

Tips & Tricks

·         Anchor the vein you are drawing blood from to prevent it from rolling by using your thumb on the hand not being used to draw.

·         Allow the alcohol to dry completely before beginning the venepuncture procedure. Otherwise, your patient may experience a burning sensation (which can last a long time) when the needle is inserted.

·         If you attempt to draw blood from a patient more than once without success, apologize and then request that another phlebotomist draw the blood. Even patients who aren’t afraid of blood and needles will probably become agitated if you continue to stick them without getting the blood sample.

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