If you have a repeat NHS prescription for a long term condition, our FREE Repeat Prescription Service could help manage your medicines and save you time. There is less running from the Doctor's Surgery to the Pharmacy and organising your prescriptions.

What is the FREE Repeat Prescription Service?

Our FREE Repeat Collection Service cam make it easier for you to look after your regular Medication. Normally, patients will request there repeat medicines by visiting the surgery and leaving their repeat prescription request with them. The surgery will then take take 48-72 hours to produce a prescription. You will then have to collect your prescription from the surgery and then take this to the Pharmacy. Finally, you might have to wait another day if the pharmacy does not have the item in stock.

How can this service benefit me?

Using our FREE Repeat Prescription Service, we can make it easier for you. There is no need to visit the surgery to request your medicines again. Simply request your medicines using the following methods; either telephone the pharmacy, visit us in store or use the website and request online. Finally when you arrive at the Pharmacy, your prescription will be prepared and waiting for you to collected it.

How can I request my Repeat Prescription Online?

Simply visit our webisite and select the tab that reads ” Repeat Prescriptions”. Then, select the link that allows you to order your repeat prescriptions. Follow the steps that appear on the screen. Firstly, you will be asked to select your Doctors Surgery. The next stage you will have to sign in using your username and password. If this is your first time, then you will need to register your details. The next stage is order your repeat medicines and finally you will be asked to confirm your order.

Managed Repeat Prescription Service

This Service is where you leave everything to our team in the pharmacy. Each month we can automatically request our prescription for you. Each month you can come in collect your medicines and we will provide yo with a date of when to return.

If for some reason your medicines are not synchronized and you have to request them at that different times, we can help you to get them in line with each other. This service will not be eligible for all patients due to the nature of the medication. Please visit a member of our team to ask for further details.