Is a Fit to Fly Certificate Necessary for Travelling?

Fit-to-Fly Certificates have been commonplace in the travel industry for years although Covid-19 has brought them into a sharper focus as many more people were restricted by airlines and governments during the global pandemic. If you think you may need a Covid fit to fly certificatecontact Miles Pharmacy’s travel clinic in Epsom for more advice and information.

What is a fit to fly certificate?

Standard fit to fly certificates are proof that a GP has deemed it safe for you to fly based on pre-existing medical conditions which will not be adversely affected by the flight.

The type of scenarios that can trigger a fit to fly certificate are a recent hospital admission or surgery or a woman in the later stages of pregnancy so post 28 weeks. However, a wide range of chronic health conditions can also lead to the requirement for a fit to fly certificate so check with your airline and your doctor if you have any concerns.

Some airlines like British Airways may seek more advice from your GP about certain medical conditions and not all airlines are the same so always research carefully before you fly.

Fit to fly certificates and Covid-19 tests

With the advent of Covid-19, fit to fly certificates became confused with the requirements to have a clear Covid status before flying. The terms became used interchangeably.

Fit to fly certificates still apply and have always applied for all the same medical conditions that triggered them before the global pandemic. Now there is an added layer of health regulations because of Covid-19, based on the airline’s regulations and also the Covid rules in place in the destination location.

It is important to stay up-to-date with the latest Covid-19 guidance and it is always the safest option to take a Covid test before you fly to make sure you are negative.

Miles Pharmacy can advise on fit to fly certificates and Covid Fit-to-Fly Certificates at their travel clinic in Epsom. Find out the latest protocols about Covid-19 and traveling worldwide both from the UK government and your destination country at our friendly travel clinic. We also offer the Covid test in Epsom.