Comprehensive Allergy Testing at Your Miles Pharmacy: A Step Towards Wellness

Allergies are very common in both children and adults, and they can be triggered by food, insect bites, medication, hay fever, pet dander – and the list goes on! Since there are so many possible triggers for allergies, it’s important that you identify exactly what is causing your allergies so you can take measures to avoid these triggers. The best and most effective way to do this is by getting an allergy test. Allergy testing is available through your healthcare provider or clinics and pharmacies such as Miles Pharmacy which services the South London area.

Take a step towards your health and wellness – get comprehensive allergy testing at your local Miles Pharmacy allergy clinic to prevent allergies and improve your quality of life.

What Types of Allergy Testing Do I Need?

There may be different kinds of allergy testing available. Depending on whether or not you know the triggers causing your allergies, your healthcare provider may start with a comprehensive round of allergy tests which may include:

Patch Testing

Patch allergy testing is used to determine what is causing allergic skin reactions (aka dermatitis). Patches of different allergens are placed on the back of an individual and left for a few days. Once removed, the doctor can see which (if any) allergens are causing the allergic reaction on the skin.

Food Challenges

Food allergy testing must be done under medical supervision since food allergies can cause serious allergic reactions such as anaphylaxis in some people. This test involves giving small amounts of suspected food allergens (peanuts, milk, etc) and watching for any reaction.

Blood Tests

Sometimes allergies may have an autoimmune origin and IgE tests (RAST) tests may be required. Your GP will determine if your allergies might be a result of autoimmune conditions.

Spirometry (Lung Function Test)

This test is typically used for asthma and sometimes is used for individuals who have allergies and asthma combined.

Skin Testing

This can involve intradermal skin testing (when the allergen is placed slightly under the skin using a small needle) or skin prick testing (when the skin is slightly pricked with an allergen).

Miles Pharmacy Allergy Testing Near Me

Come into Miles Pharmacy in Epsom for a free consultation with one of our trained experts as part of our pharmacy allergy testing services. These tests will help identify your specific allergies and, most importantly, our expert pharmacists will be able to find a private allergy treatment plan that works for you.