5 Reasons Why Children with Asthma Need Important Vaccines

Children with asthma have a high risk of complications concerning pneumonia and flu. As you get ready to send your asthmatic child to school, add one more item to the top of your list – get your child vaccinated for flu, pneumonia, and COVID-19. These jabs can go a long way toward keeping a child with asthma healthy at school.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about asthma and the five most important reasons why children with asthma need certain vaccines.


What is Asthma?

Asthma also called bronchial asthma, is a chronic lung condition that requires ongoing medical management. Asthma affects more than 25 million people in the UK currently, including more than 5 million children. There is no specific Asthma Vaccine, however, there the flu, COVID-19, and pneumococcal vaccines are beneficial for those with asthma by preventing sickness which can cause major complications for asthmatics.

Asthma Symptoms

With asthma flare-ups, you can have different symptoms at different times. Common symptoms include:

  • Chest tightness or pressure
  • Coughing
  • Shortness of breath
  • Wheezing

Asthma Treatments

Long-term control medications prescribed by your GP are taken daily on a long-term basis to control chronic asthma. Asthma medications can be taken in different ways: metered-dose inhalers, nebulisers, regular asthma inhalers, or oral tablets.

These may include:

·           Inhaled corticosteroids.

·           Leukotriene modifiers.

·           Combination inhalers.

·           Theophylline.

·           Biologics therapies.

·           Anti-inflammatory medicines.

 Here are 5 Reasons Why Children with Asthma Need Important Vaccines   

1. Avoid the September Asthma Epidemic.

Every September asthma rates spike for school-aged children. When school starts, kids are exposed to more respiratory infections and allergens that can trigger asthma attacks.

2. Prevent the flu, COVID-19, and pneumonia

A school can be a hotbed of germs, making it easier to come in contact with bacteria and viruses that could cause complications if your asthmatic child gets a respiratory illness. Vaccinations can prevent this.

3. Asthma management plan.

Preventing symptoms is the easiest way to manage asthma. Therefore, flu and pneumococcal jabare usually part of an ongoing treatment plan.

4. Get up-to-date with vaccines

The COVID-19 pandemic set many people behind on vaccinations. Now is the time to get your child back on track.

5. Avoid asthma attacks and complications

If your child with asthma gets the flu or pneumonia, they have a higher chance of episodes, attacks, and complications that lead to missed school days.

Schedule your flu, COVID-19, and pneumococcal vaccine today at Miles Pharmacy at any of our convenient South London branches. Protect your child with asthma by getting the necessary vaccines for the school year.