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Travel is one of life’s greatest experiences and joys. Visiting different countries and experiencing different cultures is very exciting but unfortunately, it does come with some increased health risks. Travelling unprotected can dramatically increase your chances of getting a serious or even fatal disease such as Typhoid or Hepatitis A.

If you are travelling to areas of the world that have high incidences of Hepatitis A or Typhoid, then pop into our travel clinic in Epsom. We offer free consultations to speak with one of Miles Pharmacy’s travel-health specialists about the vaccination benefits and travel advice to stay healthy while travelling.

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What Is Typhoid?

Typhoid fever is a systemic bacterial infection caused by Salmonella Typhi, that is transmitted via the consumption of contaminated food or water. Travelers to South Asia, especially India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, should take precautions to prevent infection with the vaccination. Its symptoms include intestinal bleeding, pneumonia, seizures, brain swelling, and toxic heart disease. The only way to confirm if an illness is Typhoid is to have samples of blood or stool tested for the presence of Salmonella Typhi.

What Is Hepatitis A?

Hepatitis A is a viral infection that is transmitted via contaminated water and food and causes inflammation of the liver. Hepatitis A is a disease that occurs all around the world especially in countries where sanitation conditions are poor such as Asia, Africa, and Central and South America. Common symptoms of Hepatitis A include nausea, vomiting, weight loss, muscle pain, fever, and jaundice.

Typhoid/Hepatitis A Vaccination Services at Miles Pharmacy

We can provide a convenient one-dose combined ViCPS vaccine that will give protection against both Hepatitis A and Typhoid. This vaccine is designed for the convenience of travellers who require protection against both Hepatitis A and Typhoid. Don’t take risks with your health, visit Miles Pharmacy’s walk-in travel clinic to get your single dose Hepatitis A & Typhoid Vaccination.  

You should get the vaccine 2 weeks prior to travel to give adequate time for full protection. The Typhoid/Hepatitis A Vaccine cost is just £88.00 per dose.

Protection against Hepatitis A lasts for 1 year and protection against Typhoid lasts 3 years. The combination vaccine works by creating antibodies that prevent you from getting ill if you become infected with the Typhoid or Hepatitis bacteria.

Typhoid/Hepatitis A Vaccine Services are available at Miles Pharmacy in Epsom, servicing areas Banstead, Sutton, Stoneleigh, Cheam, Chessington, and Worcester Park. Our Travel Clinic is staffed by vaccine specialists who can provide advice on all travel vaccinations, malaria prevention, and travel tips to stay healthy.