Let us take the hassle out of ordering your repeat prescriptions.

Order your repeat prescription today – or tell us when you need it. We’ll send you a reminder to reorder so you never run out of medication.

How our service works

1. Tell us your prescription medication, register your personal details with us and your GP.

2. Your GP approves

We’ll then send your request to your GP. Once checked and approved they’ll send us back the electronic prescription.

3. Delivery or collection

Your medicine is sent to you by post, or we’ll tell you when it’s ready to collect from our store in Epsom.

What is the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS)?

The Electronic Prescription Service is an NHS service that allows your GP to electronically send your repeat prescription directly to us, your chosen pharmacy.

Nominate Miles Pharmacy as your chosen pharmacy and you no longer need to contact your GP to get your repeats.

prescription service

Prescription Services

  • Dispensing
  • Repeat Dispensing
  • Electronic Prescription Service
  • New Medicine Service
  • Disposing of old medicines

Dispensing Medication

Pharmacists can dispense your NHS prescribed prescriptions and help you choose over-the-counter medications. Prescriptions can be ordered online or in-store. Most pharmacies have a private consultation room where you can discuss issues with pharmacy staff without being overheard for complete privacy.

NHS Electronic Prescription Service

The Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) is a relatively new NHS Service. Your General Practitioner can now send your prescription electronically to a pharmacy of your choice. This makes it more convenient for customers to pick up their prescriptions at a location that is the closest to them, saving precious time.

Repeat Prescriptions

Miles Pharmacy now offers an online managed repeat dispensing prescription service. This means, once we have the list of medicines required regularly by you, we can keep it ready without you having to contact your GP.

New Medicine Service

The New Medicine Service is available at Miles Pharmacy to give you extra help and advice if you’re just starting on a new medicine for one of the following conditions:

  • Asthma
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • People who have been given a new blood-thinning medicine

Disposing of Old Medicines

If your medicine is out of date, unwanted, or some of it is left over after you have stopped taking it, do not put it in your household bin or flush it down the toilet. Instead, take it to your pharmacy to be disposed of safely.

Why Miles Pharmacy?

Miles Pharmacy has been trading for over 50 years. We have branches located throughout Southern England.

At Miles Pharmacy we specialise in all aspects of prescription medication. We have a simple philosophy – to ensure a smooth and timely delivery of medicines from your GP to your home.