Unprotected sex can lead not just to pregnancy, but a number of other health complications.

Unfortunately, one may forget to use the condom, or as it often happens, even with the best of intentions, the condom might burst / slip off during intercourse. What started as safe sex might then become potentially unsafe. The solution to this common problem is consuming an Emergency Hormonal Contraception (EHC) or what is usually called the morning after pill. The first myth that needs to be broken is the concept of ‘morning after’. Emergency hormonal contraception should be taken as early as possible after unprotected sex. The efficacy of the pill is dependent on time.

The sooner it is consumed the better, in fact, waiting till the next morning may make it more dangerous. The second most popular myth concerns the use of emergency hormonal contraception. These pills are not to be taken as a daily substitute for condoms or female external use contraceptives. An EHC pill is for occasional consumption only, and taking it repeatedly over a short period of time might cause health problems.

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As registered UK pharmacists, we stock legally valid and medically tested emergency hormonal contraception. Given the risk involved in their use, the patient must come to collect it herself. Our staff are discrete and we have strict patient information protection policies in place. Emergency hormonal contraception has a common side effect, it usually makes the patient sick. We can help you prepare for that too. Please let us know if you are suffering from any chronic diseases and taking other medicines regularly. We will help you choose an EHC pill appropriate for you.