E-Prescribing is booming, not just because the technology has developed, but because of the tangible benefits for patients as well as physicians. In the UK, electronic prescription service is preferred by many clinics and patients too. Here are the primary benefits of electronic prescription service.

1. Prevents prescription drug errors

E-Prescribing eliminates the errors made with manual prescription writing and gives both pharmacist and doctor access to a patient’s medical records to minimise the risk of the wrong medication being dispensed. For example, Brintellix is a medication which is used to treat depression symptoms, while Brilliant is used to treat the acute coronary syndrome. E-prescribing will not get confused between these two.

2. Automated clinical decision support

Many medicines are available in different strengths or forms. Electronic prescription service excludes the guesswork. It helps the doctors to fill out the drug dose, route, intensity and frequency. It also involves dosage checking and alerts on the duplicates therapies. Most e-prescribing software use approved medicine dictionaries, choose parameters from lists and have required fields.

3. Speeds up the remedy reconciliation process

Doctors can instantly view a patient’s medical records and won’t have to manually reconcile medicines lists or keep medical information to their memory, like drug-drug interactions.

4. Instant notification of drug interactions, allergies, duplicate therapies

E-Prescribing offers doctors full visibility into all of a patient’s allergies and previously prescribed medications and will trigger medical alerts if a newly prescribed medicine has any potential for adverse reactions. Alerts in the system will instantly notify the prescriber of any d

ocumented allergies, interactions with other medication the patient is taking, duplicate clinical therapy, as well as pregnancy, pediatric, and geriatric problems which would prevent a patient from using a specific drug.

5. Track patient fulfilment of prescriptions

Once a doctor gives a patient a handwritten prescription, there is no effective way to track whether the prescription was adequately and filled. Patients habitually forget to fill their prescriptions, misplace the piece of paper, can’t afford the medicine, or start to feel better and choose to discontinue the medication. E-Prescribing system allows doctors to confirm whether their patients fill prescriptions precisely, and to advise them on managing their prescription from time to time if they aren't.

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