A fifty year old family managed pharmacy at Epsom, Surrey.

We set up with the aim of serving the community, and though our business has expanded over the years, we still follow the same ethics. We offer a number of NHS treatment facilities, apart from a host of private pharmacy services. What’s more, some of our services are now available online, a unique feature keeping in pace with the requirements of our times.

Miles Pharmacy is, among other things, a registered sexual health clinic in Epsom, with discrete and experienced staff.

We understand that some health problems might embarrass you. As a sexual health clinic, we maintain the records of our Epsom clients in an extremely confidential manner. Our speciality services include a full-fledged travel clinic, with the provision for antimalarial medication.

Travel clinic helps you protect yourself from the hazard that you would encounter in foreign countries. You need to get yourself vaccinated in accordance to the country you are planning to travel. For example, you are touring Africa, Central America, or South America, then you would require the yellow fever vaccine. In some countries, you must present the yellow fever certificate before entry is allowed into the country. This is to ensure your safety and of those around you.

We are travel health experts who provide best-in-class service to our customers.

Our travel clinic services in the areas of Epsom and Ashtead. So if you stay around Epsom and Ashtead, accessing our services is very easy. Call or email our travel clinic to discuss a vaccination / antimalarial medication plan that would suit you and your co travellers. Miles pharmacy now offers an online managed repeat prescription service. This means, once we have the list of medicines required regularly by you, we can keep it ready without you having to contact your surgery.


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For further information on our services
please call 020 8393 1000 or email info@milespharmacy.co.uk