What are The Best Ways to Prevent Encephalitis?

Japanese Encephalitis or JE is a disease spread via mosquito bites. Symptoms involve fever, headache, confusion and disorientation, vomiting and difficulty moving.  There are more serious symptoms which can develop later on and these include swelling around the brain which may result in coma and ultimately, death. Miles Pharmacy provides the Japanese Encephalitis vaccine at our Epsom travel clinic where you can also receive advice on how to stay safe when you travel and also advice on the recommended treatment for a disease like Japanese Encephalitis.

The best prevention for encephalitis is to have the vaccination for JE before you travel. Japanese Encephalitis is very common in rural areas in south-east Asia, the Pacific Islands and the Far East. The virus is found in pigs and birds and is spread to mosquitoes when they bite infected animals. JE cannot be transmitted from person to person like flu or a cold.

There is no treatment for JE currently other than hospitalisation to manage the symptoms. Medical support for the patient exists in the form of IV fluids, oxygen and painkillers. The best viral encephalitis preventionis to have the vaccination before you travel.

About one-third of people who develop more serious symptoms will die as a result of the infection. The only way to ensure the prevention of brain fever is to have the vaccination. Survivors of this more serious form of the disease may take months to recover and around half of these will be left with permanent brain damage and long-term problems.

The Japanese Encephalitis vaccine is available privately and will protect 9 out of 10 people against the disease. Even if you have had the JE vaccination, you should still reduce the risk of being bitten by mosquitoes and take preventative action by covering up with loose-fitting clothing during the day, applying insect repellent and sleeping under mosquito nets at night. The implications of catching JE can be very serious and you should take all steps possible for the prevention of brain fever.

Contact Miles Pharmacy for the Japanese Encephalitis vaccine including the treatment for Japanese Encephalitisand other global diseases which you could encounter on your travels. There is more information available on the website  https://www.milespharmacy.co.uk