Before you go abroad, it is important to make sure you have everything ticked off your ‘to do’ list. But it’s not just renewing your passport, collecting foreign currency and packing your suitcase that you need to think about. Making time for your holiday vaccinations is also important. Luckily, at our travel clinic Epsom, you can attend for all of your travel immunizations before you leave the country, at our convenient location on Chessington Road.

Why Do I Need Vaccinations?

Although most of us have received a large number of vaccinations as part of the NHS childhood immunisation programme, the NHS only funds vaccines for illnesses that are, or could be present in UK. If you go abroad, you could be exposed to tropical diseases, such as yellow fever or Japanese encephalitis, which are not found in Epsom. Before you travel, it is therefore important to make sure you protect your health by receiving vaccinations against illnesses that you could contract abroad.

Travel Vaccinations in Epsom

At our travel vaccine clinic, we offer a wide range of travel injections and can answer any questions you might have about vaccines you need prior to leaving UK. From Typhoid to Hepatitis, our experienced staff can help you make an informed decision about the vaccines you require.  We can even offer tailored advice for Hajj and Umrah vaccinations.


Malaria is transmitted through the infected bite of a mosquito, and for travel to some parts of the world it is recommended that a course of anti-malarial tablets is taken to reduce your risk of contracting this infection. We can supply the anti-malarials you choose and offer additional advice on travel health including sun protection, safe drinking water and packing a first aid kit.

Stop searching for ‘travel vaccinations near me’, and trust Miles Pharmacy for all your travel health needs.