Travel Precautions to Observe to Avoid Japanese Encephalitis

Japanese Encephalitis (JE) is a viral brain infection that is contracted through mosquito bites. The virus is found in pigs and water birds and is spread to humans when a mosquito bites an infected animal and then bites a human. It cannot be passed from human to human. It is most commonly found in rural parts of southeast Asia, the Pacific Islands, and the Far East. According to the World Health Organization, 24 countries in those regions have endemic JE transmission, putting over 3 billion people at risk of infection.

The majority of those who contract Japanese Encephalitis will show no symptoms or display only mild symptoms that are often mistaken for the flu. For some, JE can spread to the brain and have catastrophic, life-long consequences. 

The most serious symptoms of Japanese Encephalitis include: a stiff neck, high fever, confusion, the inability to speak, tremors, and muscle weakness or paralysis. 

Nearly a third of people who experience these serious symptoms will end up dying. For those who do not succumb to JE, it can take months or years to recover and they may be left with life-long effects. Up to half of people who survive Japanese Encephalitis are left with irreversible neurological damage that can cause tremors, paralysis, learning difficulties, and changes in personality.

Can Japanese Encephalitis be Cured or Prevented?
There is no cure for JE and all medical professionals can do is try to ease the symptoms. That is why it is essential to take precautions against Japanese Encephalitis if you are going to be traveling through an area where it is prevalent. The best way to prevent Japanese Encephalitis is to get the JE Vaccine. 

The vaccine is administered in two doses over the course of 28 days with the second dose given at least a week before the intended travel.

The Japanese Encephalitis vaccine is available at Miles Pharmacy’s travel clinic in Epsom. To get the JE vaccine, you will need to book an appointment with one of the travel clinic’s specialist pharmacists. During your appointment you will be evaluated and given any encephalitis vaccines you may need as well as advice on how to stay safe during your trip.

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