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Foreign travel is one of the great advantages of recent years and many of us are willing to plan a trip of lifetime to the opposite side of the world. And it is important to take care of your health before you leave your own country. There are yellow fever precautions that you may need to consider, along with vaccination.

What is Yellow Fever?

Yellow fever is a viral disease found in the tropics and subtropics of Africa and South America. Female aedes aegpti mosquitoes become infected and then transmit the virus to human by biting them. Taking safety precautions while travelling can help reduce your risk of contracting yellow fever. 

The symptoms of yellow fever include fever, nausea, muscle aches and headache. It is therefore easily confused with other less serious viral illnesses. The infection can quickly become more serious, however, causing internal bleeding and liver damage. It causes the whites of the eyes to become yellowed, giving it its name.

Yellow fever caused 127,000 infections and 45,000 deaths in 2013. If contracted whilst abroad, you may require admission to hospital and even intensive care.

There is no known cure for yellow fever, so safety precautions for tourists are a must.

Yellow Fever Vaccination Precautions

Alongside receiving your yellow fever vaccination via Miles Pharmacy, there are additional precautions you can take to reduce the risk of contracting yellow fever.

Sleeping beneath a mosquito net every night will reduce the chance of being bitten in your sleep. Mosquitoes are more likely to be active at dusk and night-time, and therefore they bite when you are asleep , so it is of paramount importance that you use a mosquito repellent or deet containing formula at these times to reduce your risk of being bitten. Wearing long sleeved shirts or tops, and full length trousers will also reduce the risk. You can spray your clothing with anti-mosquito preparations as well.

Despite taking all of these steps, the best yellow fever precaution is vaccination. One vaccination gives you protection for a lifetime.

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