5 Reasons Why You Should Not Ignore Travel Vaccinations if Planning to Travel Abroad

If you travel to certain parts of the world where there are endemic diseases like cholera and typhoid, then there are recommended vaccines depending on your destination and length of stay. Miles Pharmacy runs a travel clinic in Epsom which covers all the travel vaccinations you will need for different locations around the world including the rabies vaccine with up-to-date protocols and guidance on how to stay safe.

In the UK, there is a vaccination programme which begins during childhood and continues on into adulthood but this does not protect you against all the diseases you may encounter if you go abroad. Don’t ignore travel vaccination advice and here are five reasons why:

  •  You could contract a disease that leaves you seriously ill in a foreign country without access to adequate medical facilities
  • Your insurer may not cover you against the costs of hospitalisation and any travel back home for specialist care if you contract a disease for which you should have had a vaccination
  •  Falling ill will ruin your holiday
  •  Some illnesses can result in long-term health changes and complications
  •  If you have a pre-existing health problem then you may be even more vulnerable to serious illness or complications

Taking Your Pet on a Holiday
Most people are aware that there are annual pet vaccines for disease like flu and kennel cough but there is also a rabies vaccine for dogswhich is a requirement for any dogs travelling abroad. The vaccine is required by the receiving country and is also mandated in order to allow dogs re-entry to the UK which currently holds a  rabies-free status.

Because of Brexit and the UK leaving the European Union, the regulations about travelling dogs will change with effect from January 2021. You should contact your vet at least four months’ in advance of any pet travel plans to discuss the vaccination schedule for your pet. There is a lot of informationavailable about the rabies vaccine online on both government and veterinary websites.

For more information about all the travel vaccinations you may need, consult our travel clinic in Epsom. We cover vaccines for Cholera, Typhoid, Hepatitis, Yellow Fever and the rabies vaccine. You can find out more about all the immunisations we offer on our website https://www.milespharmacy.co.uk