Your first-aid kit must be customised to the specific medical requirements of your household, but there are few items every first-aid kit should have, such as a thermometer. Your online pharmacy should have all the components you’ll require for a basic first-aid kit, and probably sells pre-assembled kits as well in case you don’t wish to start from the scratch.

Some other emergency requirements are as follows:

First-aid Kit

Injury victims:

Do not move the injury victims unless they are out of danger. They might get more injured, for example from a submerged in a lake or river or a burning car. It is often for the best to keep the victim in the same position that they are found. This might help to avoid the possibility of a spinal cord injury. A fully intact person can be paralysed if they are moved inaccurately. Most broken bones are painful and require emergent care.

Overdose victims:

Drug intake, whether intentional or accidental, making the victim continuously vomit is no longer suggested. It is necessary to get professional medical advice because even over-the-counter drugs can be harmful if ingested in heavy doses. Intentional overdoses should always be judged as a medical emergency.

Stroke and Heart Attack:

These two clinical emergencies are quite a time sensitive because both involve essential organs that have suddenly lost their blood supply. Time is of the core essence in these two emergencies.

Passing out and unconsciousness:

It is not common to be unconscious, and while there are many natural explanations, the situation might be life-threatening. If a person suddenly passes out or becomes unconscious, seek medical care instantly. Often, a young person will drink and ingest medications and will pass out. Friends of the victim are usually afraid to seek medical attention for fear of 'getting in trouble.'

Items that every first-aid kit should contain

The contents of your comprehensive first-aid kit will vary by your requirements but should have all of these essential items:

  • A first-aid Guide: So you’ll know how to make use of the contents of your kit.
  • Adhesive bandages of different sizes: To cover small cuts and scrapes.
  • Rolls of gauze and two-inch and four-inch pads: To dress cuts and scrapes.
  • Triangular bandages: To wrap injuries and make a primary arm sling.
  • Adhesive tape: To hold gauze in place while dressing large wounds.
  • Sterile scissors: To cut tape, gauze, clothes or other needs.
  • Latex-free gloves: To minimise the risk of infection when treating the wounds.
  • Instant cold compress: For aches, sprains, and sore joints.
  • Thermometer: To monitor your temperature when you become ill.
  • Aspirin: In case of sudden chest pain. But read the warnings, especially for the children.

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