Importance of Japanese Encephalitis vaccine

The Japanese Encephalitis vaccineoffers excellent protection against this disease but this vaccine is not available on the NHS so you will need to access a private clinic for it.  Miles Pharmacy has a travel clinic in Epsom which offer a full suite of vaccinations for foreign travel including the Japanese encephalitis injection.

What is Japanese Encephalitis?
Japanese Encephalitis is a virus spread by infected mosquitoes in Asia and the western Pacific, it can cause inflammation of the brain (encephalitis).

Who should get vaccinated?
If you are going to a country where the risk of contracting encephalitis is high, then there are certain categories of traveller who should consider having the encephalitis injection, these include:-

  • Those planning a long stay – at least a month
  • Visitors to a high-risk area, for example, during the rainy season or where there is a year-round tropical climate
  • Workers or travellers to rural areas in a high-risk country where there are rice fields or marshlands or livestock where insects are attracted by the manure
  • Holidaymakers or workers involved in activities which may be considered higher risk.

What format is the Japanese Encephalitis vaccine?
There is currently one vaccine for Japanese Encephalitis in the UK and this is the same vaccine for adults and children aged two months and older.  The vaccine is given in the form of an injection with a second dosage also by injection 28 days after the first.  Those people aged between 18 and 64 may be given the second dose as quickly as 7 days after the first if necessary; this is called an accelerated schedule, for those people whose travel may not have been planned but which is unavoidable.  It is important to have received both doses of the vaccine at least 7 days before you enter an at-risk area, so you may be present within the country, i.e. in a safer location.

Miles Pharmacy offers the Japanese Encephalitis vaccine at our travel clinic in Epsom plus gives advice and information about how to keep yourself safe from mosquito bites whilst you are travelling.  Find out more on our website