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Shopping, packing, and planning are some of the essential preparations done by those preparing to travel outdoors but the most critical step is travel vaccination. Travel vaccinations are important since they protect you from the diseases that you are likely to get when travelling to a certain high risk area. For example, you are at a high risk of malaria when travelling to Central America or Africa.

Imagine how uncomfortable you might feel when seated on a plane next to someone coughing. That is when you will start to regret why you didn’t take the flu vaccine at your nearest travel clinic in Epsom. It goes without being reminded that you need to get immunised before traveling outdoors.

Do you know the surprising importance’s of the flu vaccinations before traveling outdoors?

  • Flu vaccinations help to prevent deterioration of health condition

Flu vaccine prevents influenza from infecting you. Influenza can lead to very complex health issues and can lead to worsening of other diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and much more.

  • The vaccination gives you peace of mind in your travel

No one has time to be sick when traveling outdoors. Common symptoms of influenza include severe cough and high fever, which might significantly interfere with your travel plans. But once you get them vaccinated, you will be a lower risk of contracting such symptoms. In general, flu vaccinations lower the risks of hospitalisation.

  • Flu vaccination can help to protect people around you

When you get vaccinated, you are not only protecting yourself but also protecting vulnerable people around you, including babies, pregnant women, people with chronic conditions, and older people with weaker immunities.

Do I need to get the flu vaccine on every trip?

No, you don’t need to take flu vaccinations in every travel because flu vaccine should be administered once every year. But the flu vaccine is necessary because your body’s immune response to the virus changes every time.

Since you need to continue being protected, it is a paramount idea to take the vaccine to protect yourself and those around you.

If you are travelling outdoor with a baby, you should ensure the baby is vaccinated provided he/she is above six months old. You should schedule an appointment with your doctor or at a local travel clinic in Ashtead to receive flu shots.