Travel with a Medical Condition

Do you avoid travelling abroad due to your medical condition? Yes, there is one! Developments in technology, medicine, and modern communication have made travelling more accessible and safer than ever. Here are four smart tips to make the most of your journey.

Be Bold

Some people with complex medical conditions spend their whole lives hearing 'NO, you can’t.' You may have grown up hearing from people that you can’t scuba dive, you can’t ride that motorboat,  and you can’t travel alone. Hearing a ‘no’ your entire life affects your confidence. Your family and friends may mean good for you, but they aren’t you. You are a whole different person with different emotions, choices and needs. The constant protected environment around you may cause to live in fear, and if you live in fear, you’ll never accomplish your dreams.

Know Your Limitations

You must be bold to travel with a medical issue, but you also should be smart. You may want to pick destinations with conventional medical care. Countries such as Japan, Canada, and South Korea have an excellent medical care in case of an emergency. You may also want to stick to bigger cities, which typically have better hospitals as well as doctors.

Consult Your Physician

Have a visit to your travel clinic in Epsom and consult your physician before you travel abroad. Whether you are just diagnosed with a new medical condition, or it’s been under check for many years, a physician will give you the right advice about what to do next. Go through any required tests and exams to determine if you’re fit enough for travel. Your physician may also give you information on how to travel safely with your condition.

Not every physician will tell you what you like to hear. If you don’t like their suggestions, get a second opinion. Another doctor can offer you a different perspective on your condition. If they agree with your previous doctor, you must reconsider your options.

Get Enough Medicines

If you’re on specific medication, it’s time to fill them up. Discuss with your physician about extending your prescription and getting enough for your trip. Most insurance agencies will accommodate your request, but it may come with a cost.