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Every year millions of the UK residents travel to different locations around the world either for vacation or business. About 8 per cent of these travellers choose developing countries  usually fall sick during or after their trip. Unfortunately, most of the contracted diseases and infections in these areas could have been prevented by ensuring travel vaccinations.

When preparing travel plans, most travellers tend to skip adding visiting a travel clinic to their to-do list. Of course, it may be that you have been travelling to many destinations around the world for many years without falling sick during or after your trip. But that does not mean you shouldn’t get yourself vaccinated. Diseases do not alert victims before infection.

Consider visiting a travel vaccine clinic to avoid getting sick on your trip ― you don’t want an infection to ruin your time away.

There are some infections such as Yellow Fever, prevalent in some parts of Africa and Asia, that may not even manifest its symptoms throughout the trip. Most infected travellers develop the symptoms on returning from the trip. And sadly, this infection currently has no medical cure.

Miles Pharmacy is a local independent community pharmacy that provides travel vaccination services in Epsom. Our travel vaccination clinic provides a range of travel vaccines for children and adults.

So if you are planning a Easter or Summer getaway, be sure to talk to us. Let's make sure you are fully immunised so that you have no risk of falling sick whilst on holiday.

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