Corona Virus

Corona Virus is a cold virus and its easy to confuse it with other types of coughs and colds. But Covid-19 does have two specific features which make it easy to spot.  The first of these is a new and continuous cough – this could mean three or four coughing episodes over 24 hours when you wouldn’t normally cough at all or, coughing for more than an hour.  If you already have a cough then it may be worse than normal.  The other key symptom of Coronavirus is a high temperature or fever.  You will feel hot to touch on your torso and this temperature may persist for three or four days.

The main differences between Corona Virus and other types of respiratory infections are the absence of a traditional cold – runny nose, watery eyes and sneezing.  Also, the cough seems to head straight to the chest and target the lungs whereas a traditional cold will usually have a sore throat and a cough that remains in the higher respiratory tract. 

It is very important that if you should experience any of these early signs of Corona virus, that you self-isolate for seven days or, if the symptoms persist, seven days from the point at which the temperature reduces.  You do not have to calculate a time based on the cough, it is the fever which is important.  You should not visit your GP, pharmacist or go to the hospital but take medical advice over the phone or look online for up-to-date government information.  The NHS 111 service has a dedicated Corona virus facility to offer advice if you are unsure about what to do.

If you share a house with someone who has developed symptoms, then you should remain at home and not go out for 14 days.  This is how long it can take for symptoms of Coronavirus to appear.

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