Cholera Vaccine: Benefits and side effects

Cholera is a horrible illness that will spoil your day and travel plans. It causes severe diarrhoea which can become very serious if it is not treated with rehydration, intravenous fluids and antibiotics. To avoid the risk of cholera infection, have the cholera vaccinewhich is available as part of our travel vaccinations service in Epsom.

Where is Cholera found?
Cholera is found in locations around the world that don’t have a clean water supply or modern sewerage system such as parts of Africa and Asia. The risk of contracting the illness is quite small but why worry at all when you can just have the Cholera vaccination and enjoy a holiday or work-related trip free from preocupation about possibly picking up the cholera infection. Cholera can be transmitted by drinking unclean water or eating food, especially shellfish, that has been in dirty water.  Someone who already has Cholera can also transmit the infection if they handle your food.

What does the Cholera vaccination consist of?
The cholera vaccinationis given as a drink and for adults, there are two doses which are taken one to six weeks apart and this will offer protection for up to two years. You do need to plan ahead as you must have received both doses before you travel for complete protection.

The vaccination is recommended for people who are travelling to remote areas and where access to medical services is patchy or non-existent and also for people journeying to assist in disaster zones where Cholera can be endemic due to the disruption to water supplies and sewerage services.

What are the side effects of the cholera vaccine?
Some people do feel unwell after the cholera vaccine and common side effects may include:-

  • A general feeling of being ill
  • Headache
  • Fever
  • Diarrhoea
  • Nausea or sickness
  • Abdominal pain or cramps

At Miles Pharmacy, we provide full and clear information about any side effects you may have after receiving the cholera vaccinationand how to manage them.

For information about how to protect yourself from cholera infection whilst you are travelling, consult our travel vaccinations clinic in Epsom where you can also arrange to have the cholera vaccine.  There is more information about the cholera vaccinationand all the other immunisations we offer on our website