Polio Vaccination

Polio is a world-wide contagious viral disease. Polio's most severe form causes the worst nerve injury leading to body part paralysis, breathing problems and even death. Today, despite the global effort to completely wipe out the Polio, poliovirus remains to affect children and adults in parts of Africa and Asia. Miles Pharmacy advises you to take some necessary precautions to defend yourself from polio if you're planning to travel any area where the risk of polio disease. Adults who have been vaccinated in their childhood who plan to travel to an area where polio is transpiring should get a booster dose of inactivated poliovirus vaccine (IPV). Immunity after a booster lasts for a lifetime.


Although polio infection can cause paralysis and death, the majority of the population who are affected by polio don't show signs and get sick. They aren't aware they've been infected with the Polio.

Nonparalytic polio

Few people who develop the Polio symptoms contract a type of polio which doesn't lead to paralysis. This usually causes the same mild, flu-like symptoms typical of other viral diseases.

Symptoms of non-paralytic Polio that can last up to 10 days are:

  1. Fever
  2. Vomiting
  3. Fatigue
  4. A sore throat
  5. A headache
  6. Back pain or stiffness
  7. Neck pain or stiffness
  8. Muscle weakness or tenderness
  9. Extreme pain or stiffness in the legs or arms

Paralytic polio

This most severe form of the disease is rare. Initial symptoms of paralytic polio often imitate the symptoms of nonparalytic polio. Within a week after infection, other symptoms also appear. They are,

  1. Loss of reflexes
  2. Loose and the floppy limbs aka flaccid paralysis
  3. Severe muscle aches or weakness

Additionally, call your doctor if:

  • Your child hasn't finished the vaccine series.
  • Your child exposes an allergic reaction to the polio vaccine.
  • Your child has difficulties other than a soreness or mild redness at the vaccine injection place.
  • You had polio many years back and are now having unexplained fatigue and weakness.

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