travel vaccinations in London

Getting sick while travelling is very common while backpacking. Whether it be an adventure trip to Thailand or a moonwalk on the streets of Mexico, a bit of pain and discomfort is an unavoidable part of the contemporary traveller’s experience.

Travel Vaccinations

Travel vaccinations are non-negotiable and extremely important since they protect you from unwanted illnesses over your trip. While most ailments are mercifully minor; there are however some much more severe health concerns which any sensible traveller really should take into account. Dangerous, infectious diseases are a sad reality of day across Latin America, Asia, and many other tropical destinations.

Miles Pharmacy advises you to visit us at least 6 to 8 weeks before your trip. This helps us ensure that you are completely protected and the vaccination hasn’t had side effects. Also, there are many vaccinations that may require multiple doses which is why we emphasise on visiting us way earlier than your trip. However, we also have vaccinations and travel advice for those looking to travel at the last moment.

To help fellow backpackers with guidance to travel vaccinations in London, we compiled a list of seven common traveller illnesses to watch out for.

1. Yellow Fever

Yellow Fever is a highly common, mosquito-borne disease which can cause death in a few cases. Fever, headache, muscle aches and nausea are the common symptoms of yellow fever infection. Countries like Panama and much of the African continent, Yellow Fever is quite, and without the evidence of valid vaccination, the travellers won't even be allowed to enter.

2. Typhoid

Typhoid causes due to bacterial infection due to contaminated food and water contaminated with infected faecal matter. It attacks several body organs and causes headaches, fever, cramping, and diarrhoea. Unless treated quickly and appropriately, Typhoid can turn fatal. One should take precautions about what and where to eat and drink.

3. Hepatitis

Hepatitis is a condition which causes liver inflammation resulting in very unpleasant symptoms and some cases, death. A few different strains of the disease are categorized by how the infection is passed to humans.

Hepatitis A

It is caused by drinking water or eating food contaminated by infected sufferers. The countries with low hygiene standards, usually have hepatitis epidemics. Vaccination against Hepatitis is available, where one injection followed by a booster dose 6 or 12 months later, that protects for ten years.

Hepatitis B

It is transmitted by blood. Contact with open wounds, sharing needles, and unprotected sex are the common causes of infection. Vaccination is available as a 2-in-1 shot along with Hepatitis A.

4. Japanese Encephalitis

Japanese Encephalitis is quite rare, but there is no known cure for this disease, and there is quite a high mortality rate amongst the infected patients. The disease is carried by mosquitoes, and it is found across South East Asia and the Pacific, especially in the rural areas. In addition to the vaccination, you can best protect yourself with a mosquito net to sleep. You can also apply any good quality repellent or wear specialist mosquito proof clothing.

5. Rabies

The bites and scratches from infected animals cause rabies. If you are volunteering with animals or going on safari, vaccination is the must. Any good London travel clinic will offer the best guidance and vaccination program to protect yourself from rabies while travelling.

6. Cholera

Cholera is a water-borne infection that can inevitably cause a deeply unpleasant death by diarrhoea. It is prevalent throughout parts of South America, Africa and Asia, where there are contaminated water supplies and low-quality sewage treatment. Apart from the vaccination, you can best protect yourself against Cholera by washing your hands regularly and using a hand-sanitizer before eating.

7. Malaria

Malaria is a mosquito infection and prevalent across South America, Africa, and India. Its symptoms include aches, vomiting, and fever and unless treated fast, can often prove fatal. There is no vaccine for Malaria, but anti-malarial tablets are available, which can help improve your body's resistance.

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