Is it a Good Idea for Children to Have the Hepatitis A Vaccination?

Hepatitis A is a liver infection caused by a virus which is spread via an infected person’s faeces. Hepatitis A is not a common disease in the UK but there are certain groups of people at increased risk and these include men who have sex with men and drug users who inject drugs. There is a vaccination for Hepatitis A including a vaccination for Hepatitis A for childrenwho would normally be considered at a much lower risk of the disease unless they are travelling to parts of the world where there is poor sanitation and food hygiene.

What is the Vaccine for Hepatitis?
The Hepatitis A vaccine is available for free on the NHS but you can also pay to have the vaccination if you are not eligible for a free shot at our travel clinic in Epsom. The Hepatitis A vaccineis recommended for the following people:

  • If you live in close contact with someone who already has Hepatitis A
  •  If you or your family are planning to travel to parts of the world where Hepatitis A is widespread particularly if food hygiene and sanitation are poor
  • People who have long-term liver disease
  •  Men who have sex with other men
  • People who inject drugs
  •  People who may be exposed to Hepatitis A through their job, for instance, working in a homeless shelter, sewerage workers and zoo workers who are in close contact with primates

What is the Havrix vaccine?
Havrix is the vaccine used against the disease caused by the Hepatitis A virus in infants and children aged from 12 months onward. This is sometimes referred to as Havrix Junior. Primary immunisation should be administered at least two weeks prior to expected exposure if possible. That first dose lasts one year and then a Hep A shot can be given six to twelve months after the first dose. This offers longer-term protection.

Miles Pharmacy offers the Hepatitis A vaccination and the Hep A booster at our clinic in Epsom including the children’s vaccination for Hepatitis A. You can also receive comprehensive advice about how to manage all health risks whilst you travel or guidance about your situation here in the UK. Visit our website to learn more